Do you have a noisy neighbour who is disrupting your life on a regular basis? Has your local council been unable or unwilling to help? This pack of documents is intended to assist you to take legal action against your neighbour to stop them from disturbing you.

In England, there is an action known as “Statutory Noise Nuisance” which an individual (whether a tenant or homeowner) can take in the Magistrates’ Court without being represented by a lawyer and – importantly – without generally having to pay costs to the other party if the action is unsuccessful.

If the action is successful, it generally results in your neighbour being ordered by the court to stop the noise and compensate you for the reasonable expenses incurred by you in the proceedings. It may also result in your neighbour being fined up to £5,000.

Having researched this matter, we have prepared a pack of documents containing (i) a summary of our understanding of the law and practice on Statutory Noise Nuisance and (ii) the main documents you need to bring this action in your local Magistrates’ Court.

You will find in our pack:

  1. An Explanatory Memorandum providing more information on Statutory Noise Nuisance including:
    1. How to determine whether the noise caused by your neighbour constitutes Statutory Noise Nuisance;
    2. What steps to take before you commence your Statutory Noise Nuisance action;
    3. How the proceedings before the Magistrates’ Court work for this type of action.
  2. Draft letters informing your local council of the noise caused by your neighbour and asking them to take action.
  3. Draft letters to ask your neighbour to stop causing the noise and inform them of your intention to bring a Statutory Noise Nuisance action against them if they don’t comply.
  4. A draft document known as the “Initial Details of the Prosecution Case (IDPC)” summarising your case for consideration by the Magistrates’ Court.
  5. A draft document known as a “Summons” containing your application to the Magistrates’ Court.
  6. A template Noise Monitoring Diary to record the noise caused by your neighbour.
  7. A template Witness Statement to provide further evidence in support of your Statutory Noise Nuisance action.

A preview of the above documents is available here: Noisy Neighbour Pack – Preview.

The benefits of using our pack are:

  • Saves you time: Our documents are concise, they don’t contain too much jargon and are quick to complete.
  • Saves you money: Based on our documents you may be able to bring your action without having to hire a lawyer or, if you decide to hire a lawyer, keep your legal costs to a minimum.
  • Easy to use: Our documents can easily be tailored by you. You decide when to start your action.

Please note that:

  • Our pack can only be used to bring an action in England.
  • Our pack is sold on an “as is” basis and without any guarantee of its accuracy, completeness or suitability to your individual circumstances. Individual legal advice should always be obtained before our documents are used.

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