FSREG provides legal and regulatory advice on corporate, investment funds and financial services matters. We also provide consulting services to support investment activity, mergers & acquisitions and business expansion.

We provide our services primarily to:

  • private equity, venture capital, real estate and hedge fund managers and investors.
  • businesses operating in the¬†credit, investment, insurance and reinsurance sectors.
  • overseas businesses looking to establish a subsidiary, branch or representative office in the United Kingdom.
  • overseas investors looking to buy assets located in the United Kingdom.
  • foreign law firms and other professional services firms requiring advice on legal or regulatory¬†matters on behalf of their clients.

Our services include advising on:

  • the acquisition of companies, property and other assets located in the United Kingdom.
  • the establishment, marketing and operation of regulated and unregulated investment funds in the United Kingdom.
  • the English law aspects of mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, venture capital and other corporate transactions.
  • the authorisation of financial services businesses by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom.
  • the marketing of credit, investment, insurance and reinsurance products in the United Kingdom.
  • the issuance of legal opinions on matters governed by English law.
  • the review from an English law perspective of international contracts governed by English law.

For information about us in Italian, please visit the following page: FSREG Italia – Chi siamo.