Registering as a venture capital fund manager (“RVECA”) with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) is now more straightforward than ever.

In this age of financial innovation, where expertise meets stringent regulation, this type of registration offers you a unique opportunity to launch a venture capital fund management business in the UK quickly and with minimal red tape.

At FSREG, we specialise in this type of registration and can guide you through every step of the registration process.

We can help you prepare all necessary documents including:

(1) RVECA registration form;

(2) senior persons forms;

(3) regulatory business plan;

(4) conflicts of interest, valuation, liquidity management, Consumer Duty and ESG policies;

(5) schedule of AIFs.

Our fees typically start from £10,000 (plus VAT) and are payable 40% upfront and 60% upon successful registration.

Don’t hesitate – contact us today to find out more!

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