Having noted:

  • the devaluation that the British Pound has suffered over the past few years:
    • it was worth 1.44 Euros on 18 July 2015 and 1.12 Euros on 1 September 2018 – down 22% over the period
    • it was worth 1.71 USD on 30 June 2014 and 1.30 USD on 1 September 2018 – down 24% over the period
  • the decrease in prices that has affected the central London property market:
    • see the attached 28 March 2018 FT article, according to which property values in South Kensington have come down 16.8% since their 2014 peak
  • the particular difficulties that the central London newly-built luxury flats market is experiencing:

is this the right time for an overseas investor to buy central London residential property and bet on the recovery of that market?

FSREG can assist you to identify properties to buy, negotiate with sellers and developers and complete your purchase.

The investment could be made as a direct property investment or, in the case of two or more investors wishing to pool their capital, through a limited company.

Investing into central London residential property may be particularly suitable for investors who have enjoyed significant stock market gains over the past few years and are now looking to switch into a different asset class at an attractive entry price.

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